1. Waterwheel
    Daniel Thatcher

  2. Onward
    Peter DiCarlo

  3. Lucca Live
    Adam Booker

  4. Dime Dancing: The Music of Steely Dan
    Andrew Green

  5. Blood Moon
    Tony Barba

  6. Coming Back, Leaving Again
    Andrea Scala

  7. Seven Last Words
    Adam Booker

  8. Awake / The Music of Don Cherry
    Jamie Breiwick

  9. Keratoconus
    JC Sanford Quartet

  10. Quartets
    Steve Kenny

  11. The Gates
    Yao Smith Hughes Sextet

  12. Hill Spell

  13. Open To Now
    Joshua Catania

  14. Triage
    Chris Lomheim, Michael O'Brien & Jay Epstein

  15. Pyramid Scheme
    JC Sanford's Triocracy

  16. The Travelers
    Lapis Trio

  17. Intermodal Blues
    Michael Rossetto

  18. Chant
    Black Diamond

  19. Set One
    Fat Kid Wednesdays

  20. Hello Human
    Atlantis Quartet

  21. Day and Night
    Johannes Wallmann

  22. Pendulum
    Bram Weijters - Chad McCullough Duo

  23. Mestizo
    Evan Salvacion Levine

  24. Amaranth
    Devin Drobka's Bell Dance Songs

  25. Dear Friend
    John Christensen

  26. Miles Left Behind
    Thomas Nordlund

  27. Silent D
    The Notet

  28. Incendios
    Fire Bell

  29. Walk the Walk
    Eric Siereveld's Organic Quintet featuring Jonathan Kreisberg

  30. Joyfire
    Ted Olsen

  31. Mandala
    Black Diamond

  32. The Living Room Sessions
    Hedenstrom, Evens, Helsley & Young

  33. Into a Myth
    Hanging Hearts

  34. American Reverie
    Zacc Harris

  35. The Good Land
    Lesser Lakes Trio

  36. Blues Town
    Drobka/Weller Duo

  37. Red Planet with Bill Carrothers
    Red Planet with Bill Carrothers

  38. Real Feels
    John Raymond w/ Gilad Hekselman & Colin Stranahan

  39. Real Feels - Live Vol. 1
    John Raymond w/ Gilad Hekselman & Colin Stranahan

  40. x
    Atlantis Quartet

  41. Looking North
    Bryan Nichols

  42. Wander
    Adam Meckler Quintet

  43. Mississippi

  44. Beautiful Sunshine
    Cory Healey's Beautiful Sunshine Band

  45. Authentic Midwestern

  46. Tall Tales
    Tall Tales feat. Dean Granros, Zacc Harris, Chris Bates, Jay Epstein

  47. Duets
    Graydon Peterson Quartet

  48. The Garden
    Zacc Harris Group

  49. Unraveled Rival
    Adam Booker

  50. A Moment of Clarity
    Aaron Hedenstrom

  51. Expansion
    Atlantis Quartet


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